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Powerful application launcher with reproducible software environments, for visual effects, feature animation and triple-A game productions.

Package Based

Works on your machine?

Allzpark is a package-based launcher, which means that everything related to a project is encapsulated into individual, version controlled and dependency managed "packages". Each coming together to form an environment identical across your development machine and anywhere your software is used.

# A package definition
name = "blender"
version = "2.80"

def commands():
    global env

Establish complex relationships between software, applications and projects with bleeding-rez, the underlying framework powering Allzpark.

Dual Representation

Allzpark is but a shell. Anything done via the GUI is available via the command-line, using standard Rez commands.

PS> rez env alita maya -q
> PS> echo "Hello Rez!"
> # Hello Rez!
$ rez env alita maya -q
> $ echo "Hello Rez!"
# Hello Rez!


Slow network? Working remotely?

Reap optimal performance across the slowest of networks and disks with localisation, by turning any package into a locally accessible resource.

PS> rez env localz -- localize python-3 alita maya-2019 bifrost
$ rez env localz -- localize python-3 alita maya-2019 bifrost

Environment Management

Preview the environment, prior to launching an application. Make changes interactively as you develop or debug complex dependency chains.


Full theming support with pre-made color palettes to choose from. Interactively edit the underlying CSS and store them as your own.

Drag panels around, establish a super-layout with everything visible at once.


Allzpark is free and open source (LGPL)
Let's get this show on the road