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Updated 2019-08-01


This page will get you up and running with Allzpark in less than 2 minutes.


The below commands will install Allzpark and its dependencies, including Rez.

python -m pip install allzpark --upgrade
rez bind --quickstart
allzpark --demo --clean

Skip the --clean flag to preserve preferences, such as window layout, between runs.


Everything ok?

No module named pip

For this to work, we'll need pip.

curl -o

If that didn't work, have a look at to install pip for your platform.


  • CentOS 7 - yum install python-pip
  • Ubuntu 18 - apt install python3-pip
Permission denied

The above command assumes admin/sudo access to your machine which isn't always the case. If so, you can install Allzpark into a virtual environment.

Python 3

$ python -m venv allzpark-venv
$ allzpark-venv\Scripts\activate
(allzpark-venv) $ pip install allzpark

Python 2

$ python -m pip install virtualenv
$ python -m virtualenv allzpark-venv
$ allzpark-venv\Scripts\activate
(allzpark-venv) $ pip install allzpark
rez not found

If installation went successfully, but you aren't able to call rez then odds are the Python executable path isn't on your PATH. On Windows, this directory is typically at c:\python37\scripts but may vary depending on how Python was installed, and varies across platforms.

Following the installation of rez, you should have gotten a message about which path was missing from your PATH, you can either add this yourself, or use the virtualenv method from the above Permission denied box.

Example message

The script allzpark.exe and azp.exe are installed in 'C:\Python37\Scripts' which is not on PATH
Consider adding this directory to PATH
Something else happened

Oh no! I'd like to know about what happened, please let me know here.


If everything went well, you should now be presented with this!


Next Steps

From here, try launching your favourite application, navigate the interface and make yourself at home. Then have a look at these to learn more.

Note that the applications provided are examples and may not work as-is on your system.